Anabol 500 tabs-cheap adult drugs


Manufacturer: British Dispensary
Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Dianabol (Methandrostenolone, Methandienone)
Package: 500 Tablets 10 mg


Anabol 500 tabs-cheap adult drugs

Anabol 500 tabs-cheap adult drugs is manufactured by British Dispensary. It contains 500 tablets of methandienone substance which is considered as highly anabolic, androgenic, with little pro-gestational activity.

Our experts researched and fount out how good Anabol is to enhance feelings of well-being. We recommend it for the treatment of disorders requiring increased protein synthesis and osteoporosis. Anabol has a relatively short lasting steroid. Methandrostenolone and methandienone are almost identical, the only difference being in the spatial configuration of their chemical structure. There are 17-alpha-alkylated compounds and therefore exert a significant strain on the liver, with even relatively low dosages causing temporary abnormalities in liver function tests. The reports of the development of jaundice we attribute to methandrostenolone/methandienone. The team also reported cases of liver carcinoma and adenoma associated with its use.

The reason we say it only appears to be new is that fans of the brand may recognize the supplement.

Firstly when we say the same formula, we do really mean that. From what we see from stores listing the supplement, Optimum has held on to the same 2.97g blend of weight loss ingredients. The list still includes the likes of GARCINIA CAMBOGIA, caffeine, green tea, CLA and carnitine.
The only real difference formula wise with the 2016 Thermo-Cuts and the older classically themed version, is that the brand has cut down its amount of servings. Instead of having 50, four capsules servings, Optimum has switched to 25. It has also put together a trial size that goes all the way down to 10. Four capsule servings will last you only three days on its maximum of three servings a day.

Many users of this steroid have reported dramatic gains in both strength and muscle mass. Nevertheless, it aromatizes even at low dosages, which can cause the development of gynecomastia. This is a common problem among steroids. Another common complaint is the issue of water retention, causing hypertension. As methandrostenolone has a high level of conversion to dihydrotestosterone the development of acne vulgaris is common. As is the acceleration of male pattern baldness in those with a hereditary predisposition. We do not recommend for female use. Women bodybuilders using methandienone can face with virilization due to its androgenic properties. Masculinizing effects can occur even at low dosages in some women who are particularly sensitive to androgens.


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